February Goals

I have been having a bit of a hard time setting my goals for this month. With our long engagement, I’ve had lots of time to procrastinate a little when it came to our wedding, but now that it’s three months away, I’m starting to feel the pressure. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all good things and I’m so happy to be doing it! But it does mean that some of my personal goals are being put on the back burner. I believe wholeheartedly in enjoying your engagement and putting the number one focus on growing in your relationship and your relationships with God, but sometimes, you have to put “plan our wedding!” next on the list, and that is not a bad thing! Therefore, I’m keeping my personal goal list short and sweet this month, based on the things that matter most, and diving into wedding to-dos as well (which you can read about here).

blush-centerpieceFlowers I arranged at work with the help of my wedding florist!

February goals

  • Prayer journal at least three times a week
  • Go to Confession and a Holy Hour with Dave
  • Reread Love and Responsibility
  • Complete the Tone It Up Love Your Body series and start their Bridal Edition
  • Run 40 miles (I finished January at 35, my highest mileage month ever!)
  • Clean out my closet and donate/sell items I no longer wear (left over from January)
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

LJO to LJK: Three Months to Go!

This month’s wedding update feels great to write, because we got SO much done this month!! It has been a great balance of super productive, like our venue meeting where we knocked at least 20 things off of my to-do list within an hour, and celebratory, like our special dinner date in honor of 100 days till the big day. This past weekend was definitely one of the highlights–one my sisters/maids of honor and two of my best friends/bridesmaids traveled to North Carolina to visit and help me assemble invitations. They also threw me the sweetest surprise mini bridal shower while they were here! My bridal party is spread out across the country, so any chance I’ve had to see them during my engagement has been a huge blessing. It made me even more excited for my bridal shower/bachelorette party weekend at home in Texas coming up in March!

blush tablescapeSteve Steinhardt via Southern Weddings

Completed in January:

  •  Chose and ordered our specialty linens
  • Researched vintage cars
  • We received our invitations!
  • Had our big planning meeting with Fearrington, where we confirmed rentals, layout, and timeline
  • We went over the timeline with our photographer
  • We chose our cocktail hour and reception menu
  • We had our cake tasting and chose our cake
  • We ordered table numbers and stands
  • I ordered my getting ready outfit and earrings
  • We bought postcards for our guest book
  • We celebrated 100 days till our wedding!
  • Dave finalized menswear details and told his groomsmen
  • I met with our bouquet florist to discuss ideas and inspiration
  • My dear friend Emily addressed our invitations in her beautiful handwriting
  • My sister and two of my bridesmaids, Dana, Angela, and Leah, visited and helped me assemble invitations

On our list for February:

  • Mail invitations!
  • Meet with our reception florist
  • Send hair/makeup/accessories details to my bridesmaids
  • Set up a meeting with our church music director
  • Order day-of paper details
  • Shop for a bunch of reception details
  • Choose desserts for our dessert table
  • Come up with our signature cocktail
  • Do my hair and makeup trial

Married Home Decor

I shared mine and Dave’s married home inspiration a few weeks ago, so today, I thought I’d share a few of the pieces we’ve picked out to get the look! I had a feeling I wouldn’t be living alone for much longer when I moved to North Carolina, so the only big pieces I invested in were a couch and a bed. When Dave moved here, we were already engaged and had a good idea of what our home might look like, so we’ve chosen many of the small pieces for his apartment with that in mind. Once I moved to the apartment he’ll join me in after we get married, we’ve really started having some fun adding to the space!

Home decor in cool neutrals

Couch, side table, horizontal striped pillow, teal arrows pillow, vertical striped pillow, bar stools, dish towels, wicker basket, white shelving unit, New York print, South print, bedding, candlesticks, bedside table

Most of these items are things he or I have already bought for our separate apartments, and will combine in a few months. A few are fun, sentimental details–I have a horseshoe on the gallery wall that I picked up at Uncommon Objects in Austin, and we’ve been collecting silver candlesticks for our wedding that quite easily double as decor in the meantime. There are also two investment pieces on this list that we’re saving up for and are excited to buy soon: our dream Restoration Hardware duvet cover, and two of those amazing West Elm nightstands! With the vast majority of our apartments outfitted in Target Threshold (which I love, but know it won’t last forever!), it’s pretty thrilling to be adding some “grown up” furniture to the mix. The nightstands are a perfect fit for our style, and even though their size might make our bedroom a little bit cramped (it’s a very strange shape), we’re confident that we’ll love them for years and will be more than happy to bring them with us to our next home!

What was your first piece of investment furniture? Do you still love it as much as when you bought it?

My Pre-Wedding Workout Routine

I’ve been talking and posting on Instagram about my workout routine a lot more lately, reason being that I now have a workout routine. Since I’ve gotten a few questions about it, I thought I would share it today, along with the tools and equipment that have been most helpful!

I do want to emphasize, first of all, that this isn’t about hitting a certain number on the scale or a dress size. My biggest “why” when it comes to finally getting my act together food and exercise-wise is that I very deeply don’t want to have any regrets about our wedding. I want to know that I did my best to look and feel amazing on that day, and to keep it up afterwards. I want to look at my wedding pictures and only see the joy and love, not the body parts I’m insecure about. All in all, being intentional about healthy eating and exercise is one of the ways I’m trying to focus on what matters on that day, and I think that the sense of confidence that comes from a healthy lifestyle would be an amazing gift to myself on my wedding day!

Pre-Wedding Workout Routine

Running: I have wanted to be a runner for as long as I can remember (thanks to my marathon-running dad), but gracious alive, it does not come easily to me! What has finally worked for me though, is the Couch to 5k app–yesterday, I hit a big milestone and ran two miles without stopping! That felt SO good. Also helpful have been good playlists for when I run alone or on a treadmill (I like to listen to mine and Dave’s reception playlist and imagine dancing in my dress!), easy access to a gym (the gym at my apartment complex was a great selling point–their treadmills are super high tech), a go-to outdoor loop to run, and cute, weather-appropriate running gear. A few of my favorites are below–Asics sneakers, Krass & Co. shorts (they have the best patterns–I’ve gifted them to at least four people!), leggings from Academy, running socks, and my new Nike headband from my future in-laws. I write down all of my runs (the date and mileage) in my appropriately-named Make It Happen sketchbook, which is also where I keep track of my measurements and any in-depth meal plans.

Running essentials

Tone It Up: I feel like a broken record, but I really do love Tone It Up! I bought their Nutrition Plan a few months ago, but their blog and all of their workout videos are free online. I use their weekly workout schedules to plan my strengthening and toning workouts and love their follow-along videos–my favorites are Love Your Body Arms and Abs, Love Your Body with Kettlebells, and Bikini Body 2. I’d say you could do 95% of their videos with just a yoga mat, a pair of weights (I started with 3 lbs and have increased to 5 lbs for most routines), and a kettlebell (I use 10 lbs).

Tone It Up essentials

And that’s it! I am still super new to all of this, but I’m really happy with how it has kept my interest and improved my health over the last few months. Do you have any favorite fitness tips or tricks, or ways to stay motivated? I would love to hear!

Winter Pairings

I love fashion, but when it comes to my everyday wardrobe, I tend to stick to the basics–neutral colors, classic patterns, and simple silhouettes. I’ve often used that same principle for accessorizing, but lately, I’ve been gravitating toward pieces that make a little more of a statement. I’m not sure if it’s the winter weather that makes me want to shake things up or the fact that I spent two weeks over the holidays with my sister, who rocks bold jewelry better than anyone I know, but it is definitely making my cold weather wardrobe a little more interesting, and I love that! Here are a few of my current favorite combinations.

navy gingham shirtNavy gingham and a gold vine-like bracelet

windowpane sleeve sweaterA windowpane print sleeve sweater and a polka dot bow bracelet

cheers sweaterA “Cheers” sweater and cotton pearl charm bracelet

pearl tassel necklaceA classic gray Tippi sweater and a pearl tassel necklace

Next up on my jewelry wish list, I’m eyeing a gorgeous Loren Hope small Sarra cuff–what about you? :)