April Goals

April is one of my favorite months (it’s my birthday month, after all!), and this year, it is more special than ever. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think of the fact that the next time I turn the page of my calendar, it’ll be my wedding weekend. There’s still a lot to do, and my goals this month revolve around mentally, physically, and spiritually preparing for marriage, but I can’t imagine going into this month any other way. I’ve heard a lot of people say that being married doesn’t feel that different, but honestly, I can’t even fathom that–I feel like our lives are about to be turned upside down in the best way possible, and we’re ready for it. Bring it on, April!

pink peonies

March Goals

  • Continue prayer journaling at least three times a week, and reading Blessed Is She every morning
  • Finish reading Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves (Also read and finished Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love)
  • Start rereading Love and Responsibility
  • Stay consistent with the Tone It Up Bridal Edition (I did well with this for half the month, but travel threw me off for the second half)
  • Run 40 miles (Again, travel and a super busy schedule got in the way of this one. I ended up with 26.5 miles, which I’m still proud of!)

April Goals

  • Finish planning my wedding!
  • Finish reading Heaven’s Song
  • Run 53.5 miles to complete 150 miles by the wedding
  • Stay consistent with the Tone It Up Bridal Edition
  • Pray the Rosary with Dave every Sunday
  • Help Dave move all of his things into our soon-to-be married apartment!
  • Celebrate my 25th birthday!

LJO to LJK: One Month to Go!!!

Typing the title of this post made my heart pound a little–I can’t BELIEVE this day is here and that one month from today, it’ll be my wedding day!!! The past few weeks have been a big mix of emotions, from the joy of my two amazing bridal showers, to the nerves of realizing how little time we have left to finish planning. More than anything in this last month, I want to enjoy this time. Being engaged is such a short and unique season, and I’m thankful that Dave and I have made so many memories over the last 16 1/2 months. My prayer for April is that it is happy, productive, and always focused on the sacrament we’re preparing for.

P.S. I’m going to split this month into two updates, so I’ll have another in two weeks!

the nicholsThe Nichols via Something Pretty

Completed in March:

  • Finalized our ceremony readings and music.
  • Met with our church music director.
  • Decided on our signature cocktails.
  • Ordered some reception signage.
  • Met with our amazing videographers.
  • Went to my first dress fitting!
  • Ate super healthy and exercised like crazy in anticipation of said dress fitting :)
  • Celebrated at my Texas bridal shower!
  • Celebrated at my bachelorette party!
  • Celebrated at my New York bridal shower!

On our list for the next two weeks:

  • Figure out my wedding jewelry, once and for all!
  • Finish the text for our programs and have them made.
  • Dave is building our escort card display.
  • Finish collecting family photos
  • Finish our play/do not play list for DJ.
  • Go to my second dress fitting!
  • Follow up with guests who didn’t send in their RSVPs.
  • Send our calligrapher our guests’ names for escort cards.
  • Buy/collect wedding morning details.
  • Practice our first dance!
  • Buy gifts for our parents and each other.
  • Write our intercessions for the ceremony.
  • Gather a few small reception details.
  • Send thank you notes for the gifts we’ve received so far.

LJO to LJK: New York Bridal Shower Inspiration Board

After my Texas bridal shower, I spent four more days in Houston and Austin for work, and then flew out of Austin first thing in the morning on Thursday. When I got home, I switched out my suitcase, headed back to the airport that night, and flew to Syracuse with Dave! While I entered the past weekend a little tired, I am so happy that we made the trip and got to enjoy some really wonderful quality time with Dave’s family before the wedding. I couldn’t ask for more amazing future in-laws, and Dave’s mom, sister, sisters-in-law, and even nieces made me feel so, so loved planning my bridal shower #2! I can’t wait to share some pictures, and in the meantime, here’s the inspiration board I made, inspired by the teal-painted venue (The Sherwood Inn) and the colors of early spring flowers.

NY bridal shower inspiration board
Clockwise from top left: KT Merry via Style Me Pretty, Kelly Kollar via Grey Likes Weddings, Ameris via 100 Layer Cake, Ed Osborn via Style Me Pretty, The Sherwood Innm three studio via Style Me Pretty, Rebecca Hansen via Snippet & Ink

LJO to LJK: My Texas Bridal Shower

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about my beautiful bridal shower since it happened last weekend! I am still so touched by the love my mom and sisters poured into making this day special for me, and it was amazing to have so many of the wonderful women in my life in the same room. We didn’t play games, but my mom did have each person write their marriage/relationship advice on a little card, and then read it out loud when I got to their gift. From my aunts to my college roommates to my best friends from high school and more, hearing the words of wisdom (some serious and some silly!) they had to share is something I’ll always cherish.

A few noteworthy details: there was so much good food! Everyone helped themselves to mini biscuits, pimento cheese, ham, chicken, fruit salad, fresh veggies, and cheesy grits. Once presents were unwrapped, I cut into a white cake with raspberry filling and Swiss buttercream (and decorations inspired by the Minted invitations!), which was served alongside two of my all-time favorite desserts: mini pecan pies and mini chocolate cherry bundt cakes. Yum! My sister Dana made the sparkly Mrs banner and my sister Kristen made the “Cue the Confetti” sign. They and my mom also made the heart food signs, which could not have been cuter! Two more of my favorites were the hot pink taper candles in white candlesticks (you can see them a little on the mantle behind me), which were so fun, and the ranunculus and anemones my mom tracked down. Everything came together so beautifully!

Lisa Olson bridal shower invitation - Something PrettyBridal shower guest book - Something PrettyAnemones and ranunclus -  Something PrettyCodyBridal shower centerpiece -  Something PrettyGold napkins -  Something PrettyFruit salad -  Something PrettyPimento cheese - Something PrettyCheese grit cups - Something PrettyMrs banner - Something PrettyTassel garland -  Something PrettyWrapped gifts -  Something PrettyLisa Olson bridal shower -  Something PrettyLisa, Dana, and Kristen -  Something PrettyLisa and mom -  Something PrettyBridal shower cake table -  Something PrettyLisa Olson bridal shower dress -  Something Pretty

Big hugs to my talented bridesmaid, Aelish Wilmot, for photographing this wonderful day, and once again, to my mom and sisters for making it so special!

LJO to LJK: Texas Bridal Shower Inspiration Board

As I suspected, my first bridal shower really and truly made everything feel real–the fact that I’m a bride, that Dave will be my husband in 40 days, that we’ll get to live together and share a home, and that our wedding will be amazing, simply because of the community we’re a part of. My mom and my sisters did the most amazing job planning the shower at my home sweet home in Texas over the past weekend–it was such a joyful day that I knew they put so much thought into, and I felt so, so loved! I had hardly anything to do with the planning, but they did ask for an inspiration board a few months ago to get ideas for colors and theme. I made them the board below, and as you’ll see on Thursday, they took my initial inspiration and made the shower even more beautiful than I could have imagined!

Lisa Olson bridal showerClockwise from top left: Kate Spade, Tikkido, unknown, Charlie Juliet via 100 Layer Cake, Kimberly Chau via Style Me Pretty, The Why We Love via 100 Layer Cake

I can’t wait to share the pictures my talented bridesmaid, Aelish, captured of the party, but in the meantime, there are a few sneak peeks on Instagram here and here!