2015 + January Goals

I think more than any past year, I hope that 2015 will be my best year ever. I know that’s a bit of a catch phrase and maybe a tall order, but in a lot of ways, I’ve been waiting for this year for as long as I can remember, and now that it’s finally here, I want to make the best of every single day. Being engaged and planning our wedding has been so much fun, and I hope that will only continue as the big day gets closer, but I want being married to be better. And I truly believe that with the right preparation and mindset for both of us, it will be. Dave and I talked a lot about the upcoming year over the holidays, and as a result, both of our individual goals this year are centered around this vision: in 2015, we want to enter into marriage on the steadiest footing possible—close to God, close to each other, close to our families, close to our friends, healthy and confident, and in a position to be financially successful.

Lisa Olson and Dave KirkOne of our engagement pictures, by Ryan Ray

2015 Goals

1. I want to find a prayer “system” that really works for me and helps me to be more consistent in my prayer life, and to grow in my relationship with God as a result, both individually and as a couple with Dave.

2. I want to have a truly wonderful marriage with Dave, on every level, and to gracefully navigate the transition to living together and being married. I will do this by praying with and for him, communicating kindly and openly, and making him feel loved at every opportunity I can.

3. I want to grow healthier, stronger, and more confident in time for our wedding, and to keep up that lifestyle afterwards as well. I will do this by expanding my healthy recipe repertoire, completing the Love Your Body Series and Bikini Series on Tone It Up (let me know if you’re doing either of those so we can encourage each other!), and running in at least three 5K races this year.

4. I want to find a community of girlfriends in NC, and make time with friends a regular part of my life. I also want to foster my long distance friendships through regular letters and phone calls.

5. I want to understand my finances better and be more intentional about setting myself up for financial success. I want to learn more about the married budget Dave has created for us and take an active role in keeping to it.

January Goals

- Start prayer journaling
- Clean out my closet and donate/sell items I no longer wear
- Complete the first 4 weeks of the Tone It Up Love Your Body series
- Plan a fun weekend (that doesn’t center around unhealthy eating at restaurants) with one of my sisters and two of my bridesmaids, who are visiting in a few weeks!

LJO to LJK: Four Months to Go!

Happy New Year, friends! This by far feels like my most exciting wedding update post yet–we are FOUR little months away from the big day, and in our actual wedding year!! There are a million things I need to get done in the next 16 weeks (!!!!), but I am so happy to be in this stage of our engagement. I have been looking forward to planning my wedding for as long as I can remember, and now that we’re making decisions left and right, it’s getting more real by the day!

Ali HarperOne of my favorite wedding pictures ever, by Ali Harper (more from the wedding here)

Completed in December:

  • Tried on our wedding rings–we LOVE them!!
  • Booked our wedding night hotel
  • Booked all of our honeymoon hotels!!
  • Finalized our invitation design
  • Ordered supplies for our biggest DIY project
  • My dad and Dave’s dad ordered their suits
  • My mom and I went dress shopping and found her dress (she looks beautiful in it!)
  • Talked through travel/week-of plans with my parents
  • Spent some sweet time with my sisters and two of my bridesmaids while in Texas!

On our list for January:

  • Meet with our venue to finalize our rental orders, design, and menu
  • Finalize menswear details
  • Book trains for our honeymoon and add to our list of things we want to do
  • Revise floral orders with both florists and discuss designs with them
  • Set up a meeting with church music director
  • Choose any specialty linens we want to use and order them
  • Do the Tone It Up Love Your Body series to continue getting in “wedding shape”–I did this series last year and loved it, and am looking forward to working through it again! Putting this on my wedding list and January goals (coming next week!) for double motivation :)
  • Send invitations!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

I have butterflies just thinking about what’s to come this year! 2015 is the year I get to marry the love of my life. It’s the year we’ll welcome people we love from all over the world to our favorite place in North Carolina. It’s the year we start calling the same place home, and  the year we’ll spend two weeks adventuring in Europe, in some of the very same spots where we spent our first days of friendship when I was 19. It’s the year I’ll celebrate two years at my dream job. It’s the year I’ll turn 25.

Sparkly New Year's EveClockwise from top left: Unknown, A Field Journal, Kate Spade New York, Alison Conklin via Dallas ShawBelathée via Coco + Kelley, Cottonseed Oil,  Buff Strickland via Camille Styles, Flower Girl Los AngelesWhite Loft Studio via Style Me Pretty

For all of the things I can see coming in 2015 though, I’m also looking forward to all of the things that I don’t know about yet. When I rang in the New Year in 2013, I had no idea that I would reconnect with my future husband 13 days later, and it taught me something–God loves to surprise and delight us. There are seasons when he takes away, yes, but he also gives abundantly. That’s why, amongst all the goals and plans I have for this special year ahead, what I want most is for my eyes and my heart to be open to all He has in store. I can’t wait to share the journey!

Happy New Year! xoxo

Dressed Up: Christmas Morning

Friends, my heart is so full this week! I am home in Texas for the next two weeks, and it is the first time my whole family has been together since last Christmas. Dave is here with me too, and I’m so excited to share all of my family traditions with him, and to spend the holidays with him for the first time. It’s hard to believe that this is my last Christmas before I’m married! Since we typically go to Mass on Christmas Eve, Christmas day at my house is cozy and fun–after opening presents and enjoying a huge breakfast, we spend the rest of the day lounging around, munching on Christmas cookies, and watching A Christmas Story on TV. Since staying in pajamas all day is practically a rule, I picked up this cute set a few weeks ago, and with the festive plaid and shorts (this is Texas, after all), they’ll be perfect for enjoying one of my favorite days of the year.

Wishing you a holiday full of warmth, family, cookies, and the deep joy that comes from Christ alone. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Polka dot kraft paper gift wrapChristmas pajamasAerie slipper bootsPajamas (comes in 17 different patterns, currently on sale for $20!), slipper boots, earrings (similar here)

Dressed Up: Christmas Tree Farm

Before anything else, I have to give a quick shoutout/thank you/virtual hug to my computer engineer future brother-in-law, who saved Something Pretty yesterday when I decided to mess with my coding and ended up with a “white page of death,” as the WordPress forums refer to it. You’re the best, Pete!!

I decided against a real Christmas tree this year since I’m headed home to Texas tomorrow, but that didn’t stop Dave and I from checking out some trees at a nearby farm. I bundled up in my favorite cocoon coat and Dave’s cozy plaid scarf that I gave him for Christmas last year–I admit, I had every intention of borrowing it from time to time. :) This outfit was a lot of fun to wear because no matter which layers I had on, there was a little bit of pattern mixing visible–if my coat was zipped, you could see the plaid scarf and my polka dot bow bracelet. If I took off my coat, it was the polka dot bracelet and my striped shirt. Even though I haven’t needed to wear a coat consistently quite yet, this is definitely a trick I’ll be keeping in mind over the next few months when I get tired of my winter clothes.

Christmas tree farm outfit Christmas wreathsJ. Crew navy cocoon coat Stripes and plaid outfitPlaid scarfKate Spade cluster earringsBrown riding bootsChristmas treesStriped shirt (similar), plaid scarf, jeans, navy coat, earrings, bow bracelet, boots (only $52!)