Our Honeymoon: What I Wore in Italy

Thank you all so much for your fun comments on my Rome recap! Before moving on to Lake Como, I thought I’d share a few of my honeymoon outfits. You saw my packing inspiration here and here, and overall, I think it worked out pretty well! I did end up overpacking just a little bit, but we stuck to one stuffed, 50-pound checked bag, shared between the two of us, plus our weekender bags. I didn’t remember to take actual outfit pictures, so here are just a few snaps of what I ended up wearing!

In Rome, I wore a lot of dresses–it was pretty warm out, and since you can’t wear shorts into many churches and religious sites, dresses ended up being my go-to. If we were walking a lot, I paired them with an old pair of Zara flats that I’ve worn into the ground–but they’re nice looking and don’t give me blisters.  If we weren’t going to any religious sites that day, I wore shorts and cute tops with Jacks, Soludos (my current favorite travel shoes, seen here!), or Sperry’s, depending on how much walking we would be doing. One of my favorite things I packed was my Kate Spade lemon purse! I bought it last year during a sample sale after falling in love with the print and saved it just for Italy. I loved the size (especially when I wanted to take my DSLR out and about), the strap, and the fun print that unexpectedly seemed to go with every outfit. It’s not in stock anymore, but you can find the same shape in a similar size here, here, and here.

As you can see, I also ended up wearing a lot of white–since about half my closet is white, this isn’t too surprising, but I do remember specifically wanting to look a little bit bridal :)

What I Wore in Rome | Something PrettyRome outfits | Something PrettyDave and Lisa at St. Peter's | Something PrettyRome outfits 2 | Something Pretty

And here’s a little sneak peek of Lake Como! This was definitely the more casual part of our trip, and I lived in tank tops with cute detailing, shorts, and Jacks or Soludos. I bought the two tops below a few weeks before leaving, and I’ll be wearing them all summer–find them here and here. Both are on sale!

What I Wore Lake Como | Something Pretty

That scenery, y’all…take me back! Lots more of Lake Como coming Thursday :)

Our Honeymoon: What We Did in Rome

It didn’t take Dave and I very long to decide that we wanted to go to Rome for at least part of our honeymoon. It is one of our favorite cities in the world, and it’s also where we have some of our earliest memories, so it meant a lot to us to spend our first week of marriage there. We love the cobblestone streets, the combination of urban hustle and leisurely café culture, the dinners that last late into the night, the cappuccinos, and the history around every corner. Especially for us as Catholics, there are few places in the world more breathtaking and awe-inspiring. We said over and over again that Rome was the perfect decision for us, and I’d love to share a few of our favorite experiences!

Our honeymoon in Rome | Something Pretty

Since we’ve both been to Rome before, we didn’t feel pressured to do and see EVERYTHING during our week there. Instead, we got to revisit our favorite places, do lots of walking around and exploring without necessarily having a destination, and decide what we felt like doing at the beginning of every day. Some of my favorite moments on our honeymoon were the hours we spent sitting outside at cafés, splitting a bottle of wine, people watching, and just talking. It felt like we barely saw each other the week leading up to the wedding, so all we wanted to do was be together with no distractions, and that’s exactly what we got :)

Dave and Lisa in Rome | Something PrettyBorghese Gardens | Something Pretty

We ate SO well in Rome, no surprise there! Our hotel (the Rome Times Hotel–highly recommend!) had complimentary breakfast, so we started each day there with cappuccinos, breads and meats for Dave, and cereal and fruit for me (so boring, I know–I was trying to save my calories for later!). After that, our typical day of meals included a quick lunch, an afternoon snack and bottle of wine, and a long, late dinner. We were blessed with beautiful weather every day we were in Rome, so we ate literally every meal but breakfast outside! A few of our favorite places:

Crisciotti al Boschetto: (near Republicca) This restaurant was recommended to us by the hotel concierge on our first night, when we were jet-lagged and just wanted good pasta somewhere super nearby. We loved it so much, we ended up going back on our last night as well! We sat under string lights in the garden both times–it was so cozy and romantic, and the food was fantastic. The bucatini all’amatriciana we both had on the first night is the meal I’ll always remember from our honeymoon, bookended by bruschetta and tiramisu. So good!
Peppone: (near Spagna) This restaurant was a little pricier, but well worth it for a great dinner. I had the cacio e pepe, which is one of my favorite Italian dishes, and it was delicious. We overheard the owner tell someone the restaurant has been in his family for 125 years, which we thought was really cool!
Ristorante Domiziano: (near Piazza Navona) One of my favorite pizzas we had in Rome! The restaurant is right around the corner from Piazza Navona.
Alice Pizza: (near St. Peter’s) This is one of Dave’s go-to spots every time he’s in Rome (our honeymoon was his seventh trip!). It’s right around the corner from St. Peter’s, and they sell pizza by the slice. They only take cash and the only seating is on the steps outside, but it’s a great spot for a quick, cheap, tasty lunch.
Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè: (near Piazza Navona) We loved this historic espresso shop–it’s been there since 1938, and the coffee was fantastic.
Er Buchetto: (near Termini): Dave stumbled upon this hole in the wall sandwich shop while he was researching restaurants, and it was another really great place to grab a quick, cheap, yummy lunch. Their specialty is pork sandwiches, and we took them to go on one of our busier days.

Bruschetta | Something PRettyCappucino | Something Pretty

We went to St. Peter’s Square three times–it’s without a doubt our favorite place, and we couldn’t keep away! The first day was for Pope Francis’ General Audience, so we arrived at 7 in the morning. Anytime I’m traveling in a city, I love getting out early at least once–it’s amazing to see a place that is usually so crazy and busy totally quiet and still. The second time was to walk around St. Peter’s Basilica, pray at the tomb of Saint Pope John Paul II, and climb the cupola. I had never climbed the cupola before and I loved it–the view was unreal, and it was so cool to see St. Peter’s from a totally different perspective. Finally, the third time was for the Sunday Angelus right before we left Rome.

St. Peter's | Something PrettyView from the cupola | Something PrettyView from the cupola 2 | Something Pretty

Another highlight of our week was the cooking class we took! We went to Cooking Classes in Rome because it had great reviews and was far less expensive than some other classes we had seen. Our instructor, Chef Andrea, had gathered all of the ingredients at the market that morning, and taught us all about how to select them and the roles they play in Roman cuisine specifically. We then got to work, and each person in the class did a different task to prep for one of the four courses we were going to make. Dave and I cleaned and chopped mushrooms :) Once all the prep work was done, the chef walked us through each step. We wanted to make the most of the opportunity, so we tried to volunteer to do things often, even if we were a bit out of our comfort zone! After about four hours, we had learned and had a hand in making all four courses: Roman-style artichokes as an appetizer, homemade cavatelli with fresh tomato sauce and basil for the pasta course, beef scallopine with mushrooms and fresh green peas for the entrée, and traditional tiramisu (our favorite!) for dessert. When everything was ready, we sat down at a big table with our class and ate it all! I can’t recommend the class highly enough–we had the best time, and we love that it was in a different area of Rome than we were familiar with (Trastevere), so we got to explore another part of the city.

Ingredients | Something PrettyCooking Classes in Rome | Something PrettyCooking class | Something Pretty

Like many places in Europe, Rome can feel “too tourist-y” really quickly, but I think it’s important to remember that if you’re visiting all of the top tourist spots, chances are, you won’t be the only tourist there :) And that’s okay! We avoided some popular attractions that we had seen before and didn’t care to re-visit, but in other cases, we knew that what we would get to see was worth braving the crowds. For us, the places worth returning to were the Trevi Fountain (we were so sad it was under construction!), Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo, St. John Lateran, the Vatican Museum (we didn’t go this trip, but highly recommend it), and of course, St. Peter’s. We balanced that time well with some more leisurely spots, like a long walk around Villa Borghese and hanging out on the steps of a museum near our hotel in the evenings.

St John Lateran | Something PrettyDave and Lisa at Piazza del Popolo | Something Pretty
This last picture is one of my favorites–it’s in the same spot where our first picture together ever was taken. I love that our first time in Rome, we were just meeting, and this time, we were there as husband and wife!

After a wonderful week in Rome, we packed our bags and hopped on the train to Lake Como! In my next honeymoon recap, I’ll be sharing some of the outfits I wore in both places (you can find my packing inspiration here and here), and then, I’ll share all about Lake Como. Get ready for some seriously beautiful scenery! :)


June Goals

One thing Dave and I have agreed on is that even though planning our wedding didn’t take too much focused time, it took up a LOT of mental space. No matter what we were physically doing over the last year and a half, chances are, ideas and to do’s for the wedding were in the back of my mind. I didn’t even realize it until we got back from our honeymoon and started to settle into normal life, without anything to plan! Having white space where our wedding used to be feels a little bit liberating, and I’m really excited to put some of that energy into tackling goals!


June goals:

1. Celebrate one month of marriage today!!
2. Blog twice a week. Excited about this–if all goes as planned, I’m hoping to get into a consistent Tuesday and Thursday posting schedule. Stay tuned!
3.  Run three times a week. Between the wedding, honeymoon, and settling in back home, I almost completely fell out of my workout routine. Running regularly makes me feel so strong and healthy, and I want to prioritize it and make sure it stays part of my life, even without a wedding dress as motivation.
4. Research places to get my wedding dress cleaned (Triangle friends, any suggestions?) and bring it in.
5. Take a weekend trip to Virginia to visit my BFF and her husband. Yay!
6. Officially change my name!

What are you hoping to tackle/looking forward to this month?

Top Five Tips for International Travel

My first international flight was when I was seven and my family moved from Virginia to Singapore. My sister and I drank lots of Sprite on the flight, and our number one packing priority was our favorite Beanie Baby cats, who sat on the armrest between us the whole way. Needless to say, my priorities have changed a bit since then :) After living abroad for 11 years, I’ve acquired a few tips and tricks on making international flights/trips a little easier. I didn’t get a chance to write this post before our honeymoon, but since I know many of y’all are planning summer adventures, I hope it comes in handy!

Something Pretty Travel TipsIn the Milan airport via Instagram! Sources: weekender bag, lemon purse (on sale till midnight!), shoes

1. Travel without checking a bag as often as possible. It will save so much time and hassle! If you plan your outfits strategically (see tip #2), you should be able to get at least a week’s worth of clothes into a carry on-sized suitcase or large weekender bag. If you do need to check a bag though, take pictures of your bag before you drop it off, make note of the brand, and be sure your luggage tag is up to date. And never, ever, ever check anything that is irreplaceable or particularly valuable.

2. Decide on all of your outfits ahead of time. To do this, check the weather at your destination, have an idea of what activities you’ll be doing each day, and plan accordingly. I love outfit planning, so this usually works well for me, but if you prefer to have options, stick to a style or color scheme so that you can mix and match a select few pieces, instead of bringing tons of choices. One quick tip to save some space: wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane!

3. Pack some in-flight essentials. For international plane trips, here’s what I always pack: headphones, a neck pillow (a little embarrassing, I know, but so worth it on overnight flights), an eye mask (again, worth it–these ones are so pretty!), a book, snacks (usually a big bag of trail mix and some granola bars), a water bottle, chapstick, Dramamine (just in case), socks, Crest Wisps, glasses (plus a contact case and mini solution if I’m wearing my contacts when I get on the plane), a pashmina scarf, and Caudalie Beauty Elixir (it feels heavenly after a long flight!).

4. Get some cash in your destination’s currency before you leave. There is nothing worse than being in a foreign country and realizing your credit card won’t work somewhere (let your credit card company know about your trip ahead of time to help avoid this!), your taxi only takes cash, or any other number of things that could happen. Avoid changing money at an airport if you can–they have the worst exchange rates. Inquire at your local bank a few weeks before your trip, and they’ll either be able to exchange money for you on the spot or order it in for you.

5. Print out your itinerary, all confirmation emails (flights, hotels, any tickets, etc.), maps, train schedules, etc. before you leave. Better safe than sorry! Dave did this for our honeymoon and kept everything in a manila folder in his carry-on, so we could find and reference it super easily.

Is there anything you’d add to this list? Do you have any big trips coming up? I’d love to hear!

We’re Married!!

Hi friends!! I can’t believe this is my first post as a married gal! Thank you all SO much for your sweet comments and prayers over the last few weeks. I promise you, they were very much felt and Dave and I are so grateful!

dave-and-lisa-kirkLove this picture from Instagram by my friend Morgan!

Our wedding day was everything we had prayed for and more. The weather was perfect, our vendors were incredible, and most of all, we were so, so happy! I think we said “We’re so lucky” about a million times that day and I have barely stopped thinking about it since. I know we will carry those memories of being surrounded and supported by our loved ones as we became husband and wife with us forever.

While we’ll have to wait awhile before I can share more about the wedding, I have lots of honeymoon stories and pictures to share over the next few weeks! I’m also doing some brainstorming about what Something Pretty is going to look like post-wedding, so if there are any features/posts/anything you want to see/see more of, let me know :)

Happy to be back as Lisa Kirk!